Why We fight

Featuring portraits and interviews with former soldiers and dissidents, Why We Fight explores the personal motives that lead to the decision to risk everything and take a stand.

I started this project because I wanted to look beyond the narratives of groups (either military or activist) and beyond mission statements and uncover the more nuanced narrative behind the individual's will to fight.

Why We Fight is not yet ready to be published, which is why I've only released the sample above (and without the interviews), but stay tuned. 

Want to know more about this project? I'd love to hear from you!


Faces of Courage


In the Summer of 2015, I visited an area of Eastern Congo where hundreds people were being massacred by rebels armed with axes and machetes and little was being done to stop it. I had the privilege of sitting down with 13 of the survivors and documenting their stories.

Later that year, these portraits and interviews culminated into gallery events in both Manhattan and Los Angeles, raising awareness of these atrocities and raising funds for the education-focused nonprofit Justice Rising.   



Boudoir Series

A bit of a lighter topic, the Boudoir Series was meant to explore the idea of boudoir photography detached from the "male gaze." The purpose was simple: portray women in their natural environments freely being themselves in their underwear. 




Little Things Matter: audio production, content editing

Daffodils from Heaven: social media strategy, video editing, content editing

GetFit21: content writing, photography, design, project management

Kelly McCafferty: photography, art documentation 

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